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All at Sea - Series One - TV Comedy (CBBC, 2013)

I launched this blog back in April with an article about the BBC comedy Scarborough . One of the main characters in that series was played by Steve Edge who also plays one of the main characters in All at Sea , another comedy set in Scarborough. They were both made by the BBC, with Scarborough airing less than four years after the final episode of All at Sea , and Steve Edge was in both. The main difference between the two shows is that one is aimed at adults and the other is aimed at kids.  I discovered All at Sea by chance in 2013. I think I had seen it in the TV listings and managed to watch a few episodes. This was the first time in years that I had seen a comedy set in Scarborough on TV, the previous instances being an episode of an ITV sitcom that I will write about next year (it will be worth the wait, I hope) and the film Little Voice which I wrote about recently. I wasn't in the habit of watching kids TV in 2013, but I made an exception for something set in Scarborough.